The Thanksgiving tradition in your country?

It is a family tradition where people gather together and thank God for the blessings He has given them during the year. This year the celebration will be held on 25th November.

The traditional Christian dinner that started in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the United States in November 1620, began when a colony of pilgrims finished harvesting the first crop of corn and they decided to hold a celebration. The governor invited them all to gather in the communal house with their loved ones to listen to the pastor, to pray God and to ask for blessings.

In the following years, the celebration was continued, it was held on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day, families have a traditional dinner and enjoy the moment to thank God for their achievements and their life and ask the Almighty to send them blessings throughout the year. It is a propitious time for each family member to share a few words.

It’s a big family and friends’ reunion where everyone gathers around a table that includes foods such as turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, stew, bread, corn, onions in a clean gravy, pumpkin pie, salads, meat pies and fruit.

Today, this traditional celebration takes place all over the world, not just in America – some countries, such as Canada, India, China, Malaysia, and Korea are keen to celebrate it too. In Latin America, some families also celebrate it, always aiming to thank God Almighty for His blessings.

Share with us how you celebrate Thanksgiving Day in your country!

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