The top 10 lies people tell you about living abroad – Part 1

Have you ever got so fed up in your life that the dream of living in a different country seemed like everything you needed? Have you ever felt jealous of your friends whenever you saw their pictures in several different places and thought how much you would like to be in those pictures yourself?

Well, most of those pictures don’t tell much of the journey your friends took for them to be taken. Months of preparation, leaving their comfort zone, saying goodbye to family and friends. All the anxiety, all the stress.

This article doesn’t aim on changing your mind about traveling – it is intended as a list of factors that you must take into consideration in order to prepare yourself for traveling. This way, you will be able to be mentally readier and take the best out of the experience. The second and third part of this article will be published here in exactly one and two weeks, on the 11th and the 18th of December.

10 – You are going to be very prepared after you pack carefully: LIE – No matter what you put in your luggage, you are never going to be fully prepared for all climate changes, needs and occasions, and that is completely natural – of course that downsizing all your belongings to a luggage will make you leave a lot of precious things behind. The key here is to learn how to be dynamic and free yourself of extra weigh – take only what you need, learn to let go of useless things, try to think of the different scenarios that you’re going to be in and don’t grow so attached of the things you possess – and remember that traveling light is traveling happier.
9 – Everybody loves foreigners and you are going to be welcome wherever you go: be careful because that can change a lot depending on the country you choose to go – depending on the culture and reality of where you are going, people can be very resistant towards foreigners and some of them may even be disrespectful with them. That can be for many different reasons (culture, religion, fear, prejudice etc.) and it may be hard for you to adapt and to make friends.

Besides that, some countries make it very difficult for new visitors to come, especially the ones who already have too many foreigners. That is because they don’t need more people than they already have, so be prepared, because it can easily happen that you are going to be treated with rudeness or even hostility and to face a lot of difficulties when you go ask for your visa.

Some people find comfort in making friends with other foreigners, and it makes a lot of sense: usually native residents aren’t sensible towards the problems you will face, it is up to you to know how you are going to deal with that an who are you going to rely on.

Have you enjoyed this text so far? Stay tuned for parts two and three!

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