The True Story about Burritos

If you are not from Mexico, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Mexican food?

– Burritos: Most of the time they would be the first answer.
– Fajitas
– Tacos
– Chilli

Mexican cuisine’s perception all over the world is way too different from reality. Chilli is of course part of the daily food; however it doesn’t mean that each and every Mexican includes it in all their meals. There are many people that decide not to add spicy sauce or chilli and it is a great surprise for any foreigner when they notice that a Mexican says NO to spicy food.

Burritos on the other hand are not so popular as a taco or chilli. Although they were created in Chihuahua, a state from North Mexico, burritos and even fajitas are classified as part of the Tex-Mex culinary specialties. Tex-Mex refers to the dishes created by Mexican families living in Texas. Burritos are mainly eaten in Chihuahua, some other states in the north of the country and United States.
Apart from Chihuahua, the rest of the country wouldn’t recognise burritos as a traditional Mexican dish. Before a burrito a Mexican would choose tacos, quesadillas with spicy sauce o a big plate of enchiladas.

How were burritos created?

This story has been written and shared by many people but for those who don’t know it yet, here it is!
Everything started in Juarez (Chihuahua) during the Mexican Revolution in 1910.
A man called Juan Mendez had a small food business and in order to keep the food warm he created a big tortilla to roll the food in it and wrapped it with a napkin. The dish became really popular in the area and some parts of United States closer to the border with Juarez. It was then that Juan decided to get a donkey to carry the food and cross the Rio Bravo to United States so he could sell and satisfy the demand of his clients in that country. In Spanish a donkey is translated as burro and the diminutive would be burrito. Everyday people would wait impatiently for the “burrito” to enjoy Juan’s specialty.

Burritos became one of the favourite dishes of many people but do not define Mexican cuisine.
What would a Mexican answer if someone ask about food in their country? These are only some of the many traditional and popular dishes:
1. Tacos.
2. Enchiladas or quesadillas.
3. Mole.
4. Chiles en Nogada.

Having written this, if you ever go to Mexico and would like to have an original burrito you know where to find them but don’t ever miss the opportunity to have a big and tasty taco!


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