The Truth about Romeo and Juliet

We’ve heard it a thousand times. The traditional family is going south, online dating agencies have replaced the old-fashioned ways of getting to know someone and people in many countries are marrying later in life. Not to mention having children.

Sure, everything used to be better, but hold on for a second. Really everything?

There were times when parents married off their own children, an outrageously cruel relict of the middle ages! And then there is also the matter of the injustice committed upon so many women who were bound to stay at home looking after the children rather than having their own life, thinking independently and following their own interests!

The average age of couples getting married has gone up constantly over the past few decades.

One day people will marry aged 60 at the earliest – on the grounds of having been divorced before applying for a marriage. Children might then be picked on in kindergarten for having non-divorced parents. But what am I talking about? Children? Whose children? Those nasty little time-consuming and money-wasting troublemakers. Nobody wants to have children anymore. Nobody except for gay couples. This means the straight parents could give their children to them and everything would be fine. How does that sound? Weird? How does a party sound where 5.000 singles come together in order to get hooked up? The same gatherings are held to marry masses of couples bored by conventional weddings. Or even to divorce them. Some write books on it, others do research to find out what the normal pattern of human mating behavior is. The point is there is no “normal” when it comes to humans deciding to spend their life together or even reproduce. If people don’t grasp the beauty of this concept, they’ll never take it onboard. It simply scares them away, hence they resort to superstition or contracts, or (and that proves again that we lack courage) they just don’t get together anymore. Why is this so? Because we love legends. Man-made legends of true love and everlasting happiness. Once constructed, people forget to question them and tear them down when it’s not funny anymore. Meanwhile billions are caught in cages of their self-constructed idealism. Get over it. Romeo was gay, and made up the whole feuding families-drama just for Juliet. He wanted to be together with his cousin, you just have to read between the lines. But who listens to me…

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