The undiscovered beauty of Ukraine

RU Ukraine Cover EnMother Nature is the best creator and designer. This article is yet another proof for that.
This magnificent place, known as The Tunnel of love, is located in Klevan, 24 km north-west from Rivne city, Ukraine. Until recently, it has been unknown to the masses, however nowadays it is considered as one of the most romantic spots on Earth.

This 3 km tunnel was shaped by a private train that used to pass through that railway 3 times per day delivering wood to a local factory. After some time, when workers stopped cutting branches and tree tops, the trees started intertwining, forming spectacular shape of a leafy tunnel. The place was discovered by locals only few years ago, but in a short period of time it was proclaimed as the most romantic place in Ukraine and became a very popular destination for tourists from around the world.
This gorgeous green dream that looks like a scene from a movie is a very popular place among couples. Legend says that if two people who truly love each other make a wish while crossing the tunnel holding hands, it will definitely come true. Some lovers also plant there flowers that symbolize their feelings.
The Tunnel of Love looks quite nice during any season of the year. However, the place is simply breathtaking at the end of summer when there are still a lot of leaves on the trees which gleam in all possible colors, from green to red and yellow.

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Impressive, isn’t it? Are you planning your next summer vacation with your beloved? Do not forget to put Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love as a next travel destination on your list.


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