The Winter Olympics 2014 – one more reason to brush up your Russian language skills!

In the previous article I wrote about peculiarities of Russian language and why it is worth learning it. Now I want to remind you about the most up-to-date reason to know Russian language – the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014! Want to visit figure skating or ski-jumping competition? Shine out with your Russian language skills there while speaking with volunteers – among which you will find my peer students.

My city Krasnodar is the centre of the region where Sochi is located. To be honest, when Sochi was elected as an official city to host the Olympics 2014 in 2007 we had mixed feelings about this decision. Of course in the end our patriotic sentiments took over the practical thoughts about enormous money investments our country should make. Now with only one year to go I see the developed infrastructure, extended boarders, spreading volunteer movement and I am proud to be so near to the centre of events.

It may seem ridiculous that the Winter Olympics will be in the most southern city of Russia and that you see part of the beach in my article picture. But that is a miraculous part of it: our region is an area of contrasts. A sea resort with subtropical climate lives in the neighbourhood of ever-being snow and ever-green palms continue the road from mountainous peaks. You can change your skiing suit for a bikini in a flash of a second!

Initially only snow leopard was chosen by people to be the mascot of these Olympic Games but the Committee decided to leave all 3 symbols: the Leopard, the Hare and the Polar Bear because they are all cute and fluffy and they represent the vastness of Russian land and nature!

Sochi is 300 km away from Krasnodar but we go there to get an eyeful of completely different nature, unique climate, the beauty of Caucasian mountains and sky-blue Black sea (another paradox). We get 900 hours more sunlight than Moscow but our mountains are so high that the snow in the upper parts never melts. Ancient groves with kinds of plants that date back 30 million years, famous arboretum for subtropical plants and towering cypresses – all these wonders you can see in Sochi. Also I connect one of my favourite places in Sochi with the Olympic Games – The tree of Friendship. 167 countries inoculated branches with various citrus cultures there as a sign of friendship and peace. In a year we will see how countries from the whole world will «inoculate» branches of their sports achievements and glory to the lovely city of Sochi. Ready, steady, go…to sign up for Russian language courses and buy tickets for the Olympic Games!

What is your favourite winter sport? Which competition of the Olympic Games would you like to visit most of all?


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