The world’s top 10 biggest sexual stereotypes – Part 1

Do you have any pre-made idea of how sexism, gender equality, body features and behavior and mindsets towards sex are different in each country? Have you heard of a nation that is known for any particular attribute that is directly or indirectly related to sex? This is a compilation of data around ten concepts that, depending on the case, may or may not be accurate.

The second part of this article with the top will be published here on the 19th of November.

10 – The countries with the highest number of divorces:
Maybe there is something in Eastern Europe’s water that makes couples go berserk when it comes to going backwards on your vows, because Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are the top 3 countries that have the biggest number of divorced people per one thousand residents – the highest number being Russia, with 5 divorced citizens per thousand (source: The Huffington Post).

9 – Being gay is a choice: Whilst a lot of controversy still surrounds the environment of almost every discussion about gay rights and the political positioning of some nations about it, we cannot deny that it also involves a lot of ignorance from parties who want to go against it. One of the main arguments of the opposition is that gay individuals choose to be so and can be “cured”. While many experts in the fields of genetics and psychology are trying to clear this doubt for good, so far the most logical explanation is that being gay is rather a condition than a choice. Many people believe that being gay is a result of education and external factors, whilst some studies already proved that there are genes responsible for homosexual tendencies. In reality, we can only isolate the cause if we get a test subject, treat and educate him/her in the “gay way”, then come back in time to reeducate him/her in the “straight way” and then see what happens. Therefore, such presumption can only be wrong because there is no possible way of proving it right.

8 – Japanese women are not real: This is rather a cultural issue than a sexual one, but as the Japanese are known to have their personal space very well preserved, this also translates into a very stereotypical way how Japanese women generally behave. The delicate manners, the body language, refraining from expressing their own opinion and their fashion choices put them in a position where they are seen as almost-perfect and extremely-fake beings by people from other cultural backgrounds, sometimes even being compared to dolls or fictional characters.

7 – Brazil is all about sex: It is really hard to detach the fame Brazil has of being a country to find easy sex after being known mainly for its carnival – a party of liberty and limit-breaking. In this sense, it would be accurate to say that Brazil is a country where visitors are successful when going only for the sex tourism – for as much as the Brazilians would like to disagree. Brazilian women deserve to be seen by their words and actions, but the echo these actions get when their attitude is to dance barely naked in front of a camera gets way more repercussion than when a Brazilian woman gets a masters degree or publishes a book.

6 – Being foreign is sexy: In the great majority of the cases, this assumption is completely true. For good or bad, foreigners are objectified as sexual objects when they go to a country with an extremely different culture from theirs, and this is also more of a cultural issue than a sexual one – because of the simple fact that anything that is different tends to call our fascination more than the ordinary. You can ask that to any Latin American who traveled to Europe, or any European who has been to Africa, and so on.

Write in the comments if you agree or disagree with these statements so far, and stay tuned for the second part of the article next week.


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