The world’s top 10 biggest sexual stereotypes – Part 2

Here is the second part of the world’s top 10 biggest sexual stereotypes. You can check the first part here. Previously, we’ve mentioned some curiosities about divorces, homosexuality, Japanese women and being foreign in a country. Now here are the remaining five stereotypes and some interesting data about them.

5 – Japanese men have small penises: Sorry to be picking up with the Japanese, but that stereotype is actually true – at least race-wise. If you compare the Asian races with African or Latin American countries, for example, there is a big difference in the average size of the penis, according to the Target Map. Whilst countries like Ghana, Congo, Colombia and Bolivia hold the impressive average of 16 to 18 centimeters, Asian countries like China, Japan and Indonesia have an average of 10 to 12 centimeters.

4 – Tolerance towards gays by country: If you ever heard that it is hard to be gay in some countries due to its culture or politics, here is an interesting data: Pew Research gathered some numbers that tend to show that African and Middle Eastern countries have a very disapproving point of view towards homosexuality. Spain and Germany are the winning countries with regards to acceptance, with respectively 88% and 87% of their populations being positive about homosexual acceptance. According to this research, the worst countries to be gay in are Nigeria, Ghana (so much for having one of the biggest penises) and Senegal in Africa – with acceptance rates varying from 1% to 3% – and Tunisia and Jordan in the Middle East – With rates of 2% and 3%. What is most alarming in these countries is not only the low acceptance rate, but also the denial rate: these countries also have the strongest portions of population that believe that homosexuality should not be tolerated (e.g. Nigeria has 98% of its population against it).
3 – Muslim women are not free: In a very western point of view, being a Muslim woman is viewed as something extremely strange to people, due to their very reserved habits and the misinterpreted concept of covering their heads with hijabs. I have some Muslim girl friends and couldn’t say that this stereotype is more wrong. While a lot of people pity and underestimate them, under the hijabs are extremely strong women with very well-formed opinions and who carry their culture and religion with pride and wisdom.

2 – Men are pigs:

If you think that of every man, you haven’t met the right one yet. It’s just a matter of time and some luck. Keep cool.

1 – The countries with the best sexual wellbeing: Durex made a research in 2007 and 2008 about the countries with the most frequent sex and called it the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey. The criteria is very simple: the country who scores the most is the one that has the biggest amount of interviewed residents having sex at least on a weekly basis. The winning countries are Greece (87%), Brazil (82%), Russia (80%) and China (78%). Sorry to pick on the Japanese again, but I think it is informative to say that they scored last – 34%. But don’t go thinking that size matters, otherwise the Chinese wouldn’t be so much into it.


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