There are no kangaroos in Austria!

Austria, not Australia! What? You think we Austrians live in the mountains, are always grumpy and just eat Applestrudel? Okay, it is time to clear things up and uncover the truth about Austria. But watch out, this article will definitely surprise you and there’s one thing I can promise you – you won’t find any kangaroos here.

All Austrians live in the mountains and always wear Dirndl and Lederhose

That’s one of the prejudices which sticks to us wherever we go. Of course, Austria is an Alpine republic and is covered with mountains for almost 60% – but what most of the people don’t know is that whooping 64% live in cities or agglomerations; one fourth in the capital Vienna. Although Dirndl and Lederhose are worn at special events it is definitely not a common all-day-clothing. You can read more about Dirndl and Lederhose in my last Lexiophiles article.

Austrians are sweet-teeth and coffee junkies

That’s right and we are totally proud of it! An Austrian drinks about 162 litres of coffee each year – with good reason because due the soft water and the special roasting, our coffee is considered to be one of the best in the world. While drinking a “Viennese Melange” you definitely need to eat a cake. Don’t worry, we have a huge selection: Sachertorte, Applestrudel…over 300 types of cakes will raise your heartbeat but probably also your weight. On average, an Austrian eats about 83 kilogram cake every year. Well then: Cheers and enjoy your meal!

Austrians are always grumpy

It is said, that especially people from Vienna have this negative trait. Granted, we Austrians kind of love to swear. A heart-warming „Oaschloch“ (asshole) or „Bist du deppat?!“ (are you stupid?!) will pass our lips quite often. In fact, we don’t always mean it that way – only 11% of us Austrians really want to hurt people’s feelings when swearing.

Austria is the country of comfort and gastronomic pleasure

Please note: we Austrians are a slow-paced nation – if there is a stressful situation we react with?…exactly, even more slowness. Especially when sitting at a traditional “Heuriger” with a glass of wine, we can relax the best. Particularly the Austrian wines are worldwide known for their fine taste – that’s because of the special climatic and geological conditions we have. The vineyards in the region of Neusiedler See are even World Cultural Heritage.

Austria is a stronghold of music and culture

Mozart, Klimt, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Falco – Austria has got a heavy list of artists. Many theatres, operas, concert halls, museums as well as cabarets give artists and wannabes the chance to express themselves. Especially in the film business, Austria is building up its reputation again. After Romy Schneider or Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Waltz is the upcoming Austrian star in Hollywood – he gained two Oscars as best supporting actor.

I think that every country has to deal with prejudices but it’s important not to get irritated by those. Everyone should take a look behind the curtain and create a personal picture of the country. Although Austria has no kangaroos, it definitely has a lot to offer – not for nothing its capital Vienna was elected on second place of the most liveable countries in the world of 2013.

Want to see more? Then watch this cute video about the beautiful Alpine republic!


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