Thoughts on Our Life Perceptions

Let everyone be. It is true that each is to their own but a less broad world view and little knowledge doesn’t contribute to the society in general. Information needs to spread and people need to learn. How did we advance at the past tens of thousands of years? Just by sitting and ignoring what’s around us? When you analyse history you will notice that mankind rose to prosperity and wealth by connecting. Even from the most basics of Trade to now. Humans might have warred and killed each other but when you look at the overall picture we triumphed and have somehow dominated as a living species in our earth. The advancements in the past couple of hundred years with even more information and technological communications between different human groups have fastened how we invented and got forward.

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By all means you all are free to do what you want but don’t go searching for a meaning of life when you have a very small societal world. The meaning of life is out there and is different to all people. Look wide and try to learn everything you are able to. The day you stop learning you cease to exist as your brain doesn’t advance it just remains with the information available. Memories get older some even get lost… Look at these 7 billion humans and more than 5 million species of animals. Research and always wonder. Life is precious and nobody has a guarantee that there will be a life after death or that you will live infinitely.

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Don’t escape the inexplicable rather try to find answers to questions? Religion is the greatest escape that has befallen mankind. Spirituality on the other hand is personal and has no effect on mankind in general while religion has a social and political influence that was and still partially is negative on human civilization. Life is the only valuable thing to you. Name one more important thing than your life. The list if not empty would be a very short list. Just as birth is the marking of the beginning of our existence death is the ending as far as we can perceive.

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That means that you have to make the most out of your brain and life. We all have to make up our views on life and the world. Yet there is one undeniable thing we all came to where we are because we never stopped advancing our society and our brain even at the tiniest level. That’s what we should always do. To reach our full capacity as a race of humans.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

-Marie Curie


Ata Sergey Nowak


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