Three Secret Hideouts in Germany

Germany is on top of the list of the countries you would like to travel? Then I guess you already arranged everything for your trip to Berlin, to Castle Neuschwanstein, or maybe to Hamburg or the Alps? Pause for a moment and dare to consider swinging by other wonderful places you have not heard of. I tell you which:


Situated in the federal state of Thuringia, this pearl of cities was once homestead for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. The City Castle is a UNESCO heritage site, located right in the city center. Once the residence of kings and queens, it is now a museum hosting various exhibitions of works of famous painters like Albrecht Dürer or Claude Monet. The castle borders on the Ilmpark, a quaint and peaceful place, created in the 18th century under the influence of Goethe. Since then, it has been widely unaltered, retaining its unspoiled character. Goethe’s garden house can also be found in that park, do not miss it. In case you’re ravenous after your sightseeing trip, try the fries stand “Fritz Mitte” in the city center. No kidding, these are the best fries I’ve ever had.


Not far from Frankfurt am Main and thus, not far from the Germany’s biggest airport lies this marvelous city. The ideal stopover. The most conspicuous landmark is Castle Johannisburg, located next to the river Main. The Renaissance castle is square-shaped and of a reddish sandstone-like color, a truly stately sight to behold. Take a stroll in the castle grounds there and within minutes you will reach the Pompejanum, a replica of a Roman mansion which is worth a closer look. Your view from there will encompass idyllic vineyards and a scenic part of the river Main, where you could start a boat tour. If you exit the city towards the beautiful village Haibach, you will soon reach the Spessart, a low mountain range, covered with deep and mystic forests. Perfect for hiking and biking adventures. During summer or autumn season, watch out for some scrumptious mushrooms!

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Located in the center of Bavaria, this picturesque valley boasts a variety of opportunities for both recreation and exertion. The river Altmühl is famous for its outstandingly clean water. The comparative purity animated the creation of riverside open-air baths, which invite you to take a swim in a near-natural environment. Renting a kayak and exploring the Altmühl the paddling way is another activity you should not omit. What is more, cycling opportunities are also plentiful. Some of the most popular cycling trails in the country can be found here.

I hope I convinced you to change your itinerary and to shoot a glance at one or two of these blissful places…




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