Three tips on how to stay motivated

Since the first weeks of a new year are always filled with resolutions, let’s stick to this topic for one more article.

I don’t have any resolutions. I have plans and hopes that are not necessarily connected to the beginning of a new year though. For instance I’ve been planning to hit the gym for so long that I can’t even remember when I first started planning it. I’ve had so many fresh starts at going to the gym I can’t even count them. But I haven’t given up!

So, I’m no expert, but here’re my three tips on how to stay motivated to reach whatever goal you want to reach.

1) Be realistic.
Don’t say things like “I’ll go to the gym every day!” or “I’ll speak Portugese fluently in 14 days.” It’s better to underestimate yourself, that way you can only have a good feeling when you achieve something better!

2) Treat yourself nicely.
It’s perfectly okay to fail. It’s not okay to give up and be unhappy about it. You see, every time I have a fresh start at a gym, I go and buy myself someting nice to wear there. Telling myself that I’ll be the best dressed girl there it makes me feel much better. I know it’s not true, but it’s motivational and it’s also a way of telling me that I don’t hate myself. Last time I bought really amazing sport shoes that match my leggins and I must say that so far so good! 🙂

3) Like what you do.
Or don’t do it at all. Forcing yourselves into doing something you hate can never bring anything positive. I’m not saying that if you like your field of study and there is one subject you hate and just have to pass in order to get your degree, you should give up. No. But if you can’t sleep because your work is stressing you out, you should probably reconsider it. On a diet, you don’t have to eat Brussel sprouts every Tuesday because the cooking book says so. There is always an alternative. Be open to them!

Too bad my gym doesn’t have anything like that! 🙂

And how do you stay motivated?


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