Time for changes: The political situation in Ukraine

UnbenanntThe events that have been taking place in Ukraine for the last three months are being explosively discussed throughout the entire world. Ukrainian protests, Ukrainian revolution, Euromaidan – those are the headlines that catch your eye every time when reading a daily newspaper, watching TV or browsing the internet.

I am originally Ukrainian but currently living in Europe. I can tell you that 3 months ago I was amazed when some people here told me: “Ukraine? Hmm…is it a part of Russia?” or “Ukraine…yes…I know! It is a city in Poland!” Now nobody will ask you where Ukraine is located, now Ukraine is well-known all over the world. However, keeping in mind all the events that have happened there, “bloody glory” is the only expression that can fully characterize this fame. Unfortunately, that is not a type of recognition that Ukrainian people were always dreaming about…

For years Ukraine was considered as a poor country with unstable economy, high level of unemployment, low salaries and pensions etc. However, even at the times of financial difficulties ex-president Yanukovych did not mind spending, for example, 8500 Euros for the informational labels with the names for his dogs or 1,700.000 Euros for a “cosmetic” renovation of a tea room and canteen in his house. If we are to believe the documents found in the Yanukovych house, those are just 2 out of thousands of examples of his expenditures list. Now let’s have a look at the “hard” life of Ukrainian ex-president during these difficult times for the country.

For years Ukrainian people were living in a fear of expressing their opinions, fighting for their rights and going against the government. But time of change has come. Ordinary people, doctors, teachers etc., left their houses and risking their lives started a fight for their bright future, for the future of their children, for the future of the entire country. One very important thing that connects them all and makes them stronger is a team spirit of freedom, belief in a better life. They want to live in an independent and honest country, live under the bright blue sky and with peace in their hearts.

Around 100 dead, 1500 injured and hundreds of disappeared people – this is the price of a better life. Those, who gave away their lives in the battle for the growth and improvement of quality of life were glorified as Ukrainian heroes and named as a “Sky hundred”.

But here is the question: “Was their death worth it? Where is the guarantee that with a new government a better life will come?” Those are the questions for which nobody can give clear and confident answers yet. Nobody knows how long this will last and which new challenges will stand up on the Ukrainian’s way to the better quality of life. Ukrainian people finally found courage to speak up and they are strong enough to prove that they deserve a better life in their country. Meanwhile, people from all over the world, from Vienna to London, from Vancouver to New York, support Ukrainians and believe that one day the world will see new Ukraine – fully independent, developed and democratic country.


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