Tongue twisters in Spanish

Did you think there were no tongue twisters in Spanish? For sure there are, and they are very funny too… As in any other language, tongue twisters are used to improve the phoneme pronunciation, especially in kids. However, people who want to speak Spanish as a second language usually have fun reading them.

The most difficult sounds in this language can be the “r” and the “tr”. Nonetheless, try every single one:

  • R con R cigarro, R con R barril, rápido ruedan los carros cargados de azúcar por el ferrocarril.
    R with R cigarette, R with R barrel, the cars go fast, loaded with sugar on the railroad
  • En tres tristes trastos de trigo, tres tristes tigres comían trigo.
    Comían trigo, tres tristes tigres, en tres tristes trastos de trigo.
    Three sad tigers swallow wheat in a wheat field.
  • Sobre el triple trapecio de Trípoli trabajaban, trigonométricamente trastrocados, tres tristes triunviros trogloditas, tropezando atribulados contra trípodes, triclinios y otros trastos triturados por el tremendo tetrarca trapense.
    Over the triple trapeze of Tripoli they worked, trigonometrically switched over, three sad troglodyte triumvirs, affectedly bumping into tripods, triclinia and other gear crushed by the terrible Trappist tetrarch.
  • Pedro Pérez Pereira, pobre pintor Portugués, empaca poquitas copitas en poquitos paquetes para poder partir para París.
    Pedro Pérez Pereira, a poor Portuguese painter, packs a few cups in a few packets in order to travel to Paris.

So? Which was the easiest one?

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4 thoughts on “Tongue twisters in Spanish”

  1. I’ve never heard the last two before. For the second one, I knew it as “tres tristes tigres comían trigo en un trigal”.

    How about “El cielo está enladrillado, ¿quién lo desenladrillará? El desenladrillador que lo desenladrille, buen desenladrillador será “

  2. and do you know…..como quieres que te quiera, si el que quiero que me quiera no me quiere como quiero que me quiera??
    How do you want me to love you, if the one that I want to love me doesn’t love the way I want him to love me???

  3. Just wanted to say great job with the blog, today is my first visit here and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far 🙂

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