Too hot for YouTube??

In December 2006, Time magazine wrote: “YouTube is to video browsing what a Wal-Mart Supercenter is to shopping: everything is there, and all you have to do is walk in the door.”

Everything is there?
No it isn’t. Have you heard about, or experienced flagging? The “flagging function” is a feature by YouTube, making it easier for them to monitor content. Flagging is supposed to be used for videos with inappropriate material. By inappropriate they mean violence, harassment and “most nudity”. In many ways this is a good feature made by the site. But it can also restrict some of the wrong content.

Have fun – express your opinions – and watch what YOU like!
A very good question in YouTube community guidelines is: “why should you watch videos you do not like?”. Right, why should we?

Lady Gaga’s video, “Born This Way”, among other music videos, contain a lot of nudity, touching and other suspicious material. Would you flag it? While Psychetruth’s instructional massage videos on YouTube also contain a lot of nudity. Would you flag that? What is more inappropriate?
In fact, the massage videos by Psychetruth are taken down more often than underwear-music-videos simulating sex. Strange, right?

Personally I wouldn’t flag any of the mentioned videos, because to me the human body is not that inappropriate. I think it’s a shame when music videos and instructional videos are taken down. In fact some channels have to redirect their viewers to independent sites because they are scared of being flagged. Flagging can actually lead to suspension from the YouTube community. And it would be a shame if it happened for the wrong reasons. So watch the videos you like, and stop the flagging!

Everything is not on YouTube.

Have a nice day 😀


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