Top 10 celebrities you want to learn German with/for

(Please do not judge the appearance of these men and women from the photos in this article, there are definitely better ones, once you google them!)

German is not the easiest language to learn, with all the long words, umlaut and articles. However, I can give you some more motivation to learn it because there are some pretty hot Germans you could talk to if you should meet them on the streets. A few weeks ago we posted something similar about learning French. Have you started yet? So here it comes, the top 10 celebs to learn German with or for.

Heidi Klum
This should not surprise you. Heidi has been in the model and entertainment business for decades and is not only a German star anymore, but recognised worldwide. She is currently filming the 8th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel and is also present on US entertainment shows. We love her!


Daniel Brühl
Daniel is not only a pretty face but also very talented. He played in numerous movies but got very famous with “Good Bye, Lenin” ( He also starred in “Inglourious Basterds” and “The Bourne Ultimatum”. Plus, if your German is still beginner’s level, he also speaks fluent Spanish and French 😉


Lena Gercke
As I mentioned Germany’s Next Topmodel, I should also talk about Lena. She won the first season of the show and has been successful in the modelling business ever since. Also, she looks so typically German, she has to be part of this list.


Christoph Waltz
4 ChristophWaltz
This name should be very familiar to you, especially after the Oscar’s a few months ago. Mr. Waltz (German-Austrian) won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Django, Unchained”, a brilliant movie. His acting is wonderful and despite his age, or maybe because of it, he is somebody to learn German for 😉


Lena Meyer Landrut
I hope all our European readers are as excited as we are about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? It is such an event. Lena has participated twice for Germany and won the contest in 2010. We were all very happy. We don’t understand though why she sang for Germany again the year after that…


Matthias Schweighöfer
Oh, Matthias… He is something. He is an actor, owns a fashion label, and made his director debut not so long ago. And please, look at his face… Do I need to say more?


Eva Padberg
Coming back to the supermodels, also Eva Padberg should not go by unnoticed. The pretty German is a very successful model, singer and actress. She just does it all.


Til Schweiger
Some hate him, others love him. Til is a German actor, director and producer; he belongs in the German television landscape and has even appeared in international films such as “Inglourious Basterds” alongside Brad Pitt <3


Lukas Podolski
To the football fans among us, Lukas is not an unknown person. He plays for Arsenal FC and the German national team. He was born in a small town in Poland but emigrated to Germany in an early age. He chose to play for the German national team… good for us because he is currently the sixth highest goal scorer in the history of Germany, scoring 44 goals.


Mats Hummels
How can this be a list of Germans without another football player in it? That’s right, here it comes. Mats! Hmmmm. The end.


Did you know any of these German VIP’s? Can you think of anyone else?


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