Top 10 hunks worth learning French for

A few weeks back, I gave you 10 of the most beautiful French speaking women I know. So to be fair, I decided to do the same with men, which was not quite as easy, but I found a nice sample. Enjoy!

10 – Vincent Cassel
Granted Cassel is not the youngest any more, however his broken nose and sharp features give him unquestionable charm. Something Monica Bellucci understood as she made sure he’d be hers almost 15 years ago. A very sensual couple: check out that ad where they are tied together.

9 – Gilles Marini
The French-American actor is, paradoxically, quasi unknown in France! He is however THE actor who’ll play the French part in Hollywood productions. He made quite an impression in Sex and the City the movie in which he dared a full frontal.

8 – Emmanuel Moire
Even though his fame is still at a timid stage, Moire’s distinguished himself through his very attractive appearance: deep blue eyes and charcoal hair. Not to mention he is a talented dancer.

7 – Tony Parker
Parker is French basketball player, born in Belgium and known among tabloid magazines for his relationship with Desperate Housewives pest Eva Longoria. Their marriage only lasted 3 years, so good news, ladies: he’s on the market!

6 – Christophe Maé
Another singer whose fame has not yet gone beyond the French frontiers. However, given his success so far, both as a singer and a heart breaker, it’s probably a matter of time before he hits the international scene.

5 – Olivier Giroud
So, down to our top 5! Here is another athlete with Giroud, who’s domain is football. The Arsenal player has some very obvious assets and he’s not afraid of sharing them, as you might have seen on number of magazine covers.

4 – Jean Dujardin
Dujardin made the buzz with the movie The Artist, for which he received numerous awards. The French actor has been famous for many years in French, appearing almost daily on TV on a show featuring the life of a couple (he later married his partner, Alexandra Lamy). The smirking James Bond looking Dujardin (from the garden, in French) has seduced spectators worldwide.

3 – Michael Vartan
First one to reach the podium is the French-American actor Michael Vartan. He has performed in several American shows, speaking flawless English. While he might not be the most famous actor in France, his name is like a business card: he is the nephew of Sylvie Vartan, one of the most selling singer in the 60s and 70s.

2 – Matt Pokora
It’s very hard to find a picture of Pokora with clothes on, but you might. The 27 year-old singer had a difficult start, his carrier being launched via a reality TV show that turned out to be a failure. However over the years, he’s built up an excellent image (from a marketing perspective I mean) leading him to the charts for each single he releases.

1 – Guillaume Canet
And here’s our winner (well, my winner): the irresistible Guillaume Canet. He’s a talented actor and director, has wit and so handsome he’s the living proof there is a God. His conquests are rather impressive as well: between Diane Kruger and Marion Cotillard, you must admit he has good tastes.

What Frenchies make you melt? Let us know and write your suggestions below!


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