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ESL – Language studies abroad. To learn Spanish, Spain is the best place to enhance your language skills while taking cultural and sportive activities. ESL is your partner for language courses in total immersion around the world. ESL has offices in Spain: Contact ESL – Idiomas en el extranjero

Below is our list of the Top 10 Programs for Study Abroad in Spanish. To read the article introducing our study abroad feature click here. If you want to know more about how & why this list came to be, click here.

1. Int’l Studies Abroad (ISA):
International Studies Abroad offers a language and culture program in Mexico which are both is academically challenging and culturally rewarding.

Info: Spanish knowledge required, extensive Alumni club

2. Arcadia University:
The Arcadia University Center for Study Abroad offers more than 100 fully accredited undergraduate programs in 14 countries, as well as internships, field research, and service learning opportunities, for a semester, summer, or academic year. In Spain, both immersion and language & culture programs are offered in Toledo, Barcelona, & Granada.

Info: American students only eligible, Foreign language only required for select programs

3. Nicaragua Summer:
(High School)
abroadco Nicaragua Summer Exchange is a fully supervised high school exchange program that provides aspiring young Spanish speakers with a truly authentic immersion experience. The program structure provides a perfect balance between cultural immersion, youth dynamics and adventure activities.

Info: Spanish proficiency required, extensive student support

4. Abroadco:
Abroadco offers programs in Madrid and Granada that combine Language and culture classes at a study center (taught in English), and immersion electives at a local host university. Students have the option of homestay with a Spanish family, or student apartments.

Info: Multiple housing options available, Some Spanish required

5. Road 2 Argentina:
Road2Argentina offers a semester/year program at both the Universidad de Belgrano and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Courses are available in English, Spanish (designed for international students) & from the general university catalog (classes with Argentines). This program is ideal for students who wish to receive university transfer credit.

Info: No previous Spanish required, All nationalities welcome (visa required for some countries)

6. Rotary Exchange:
(High School)
Rotary is a worldwide organization that provides the opportunity to attend one year of High School in a Spanish-speaking country, living with a host family and learning about the culture and language – but more than that, the student engages in some local outreach about his or her own culture, as an ambassador of his or her country.

Info: Worldwide participants welcome, Participation as cultural ambassador required, Scholarships available

7. Erasmus:
The ERASMUS programme, or European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, forms a major part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. It provides higher education students within the EU with the opportunity to spend one semester or academic year in Spain on exchange.

Info: Scholarships available, Only EU students eligible, Spanish knowledge required

8. AFS:
(High School)
AFS-USA works toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities through a global volunteer partnership. Students have the opportunity to spend a year of High School living with a host family, and studying at a local high school.

Info: All nationalities welcome, Extensive student support

9. USAC:
Established in 1982, the University Studies Abroad Consortium has assisted thousands of students in studying abroad and has grown to include 39 programs in 25 countries. Students have the option to learns Spanish in Spain, Mexico, and South America.

Info: Open to all students, No prerequisites in language proficiency (updated)

10. Expanish:
Expanish is a local organization in South America with a wide range of resources and a broad network that function to expand the student experience by providing the opportunity for cultural integration through skill workshops, weekend excursions, homestays, & daily activities. Learning is facilitated through practical experiences with the language, in addition to formal instruction at our Spanish language schools.

Info: All nationalities encouraged to apply, Extensive student support

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