Top 10 Websites with a young target audience in Germany

The importance of the internet for young people has increased constantly in the past few years. According to an mpfs-survey from 2006, 98% of young people in Germany already had access to a computer at home and 92% could also get online. In the following year, their average usage of internet per day was estimated to be 114 minutes. The latest top 10 websites for young people is listed below:

1. schülerVZ
2. StudiVZ
4. Lokalisten
5. meinVZ
6. MySpace
7. MyVideo
8. Msn
10. Stayblue

The favorite topics are “love and friendship” and “music”, whereas “politics” has failed to attract noticeable attention. Therefore, the demand for social networking sites and communities is rising significantly. Originally limited to American student circles, nowadays networks like Facebook have become global sites for exchanging personal information, as well as photo albums, or just to communicate easily and quickly. Furthermore, online video portals are still very popular, delivering home videos and movie clips with the potential to captivate mass audience.

But the internet is more than just a way to find friends or fun facts: More and more young people do research for papers online and post questions regarding their everyday life. They search for information about education and jobs or watch their favorite TV shows to improve their language skills. All of these uses emphasize the growing significance of the internet in the field of personal education. The fact that many users prefer online resources to classical information media is partly due to economic reasons: Why should I buy an expensive dictionary in the bookstore when I can get all the information I need for free on the internet?

*The results are based on following sources: Google Ad Planner; IVW; meedia; mpfs (JIM-survey)

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