Top 10 women who’ll make you want to learn French

It’s very much cliché but French is the language of love. However it’s not the easiest language to learn and you might think there are plenty of beautiful women out there you can understand just fine. And you’re right, however, before you shut your French books for good, check out who you’ll never be able to flirt with:

10 – Vanessa Paradis
One of the most famous French women there is: her 14 year relationship with Johnny Depp, her hit Joe Le Taxi and her ads for Chanel made here a worldwide known ambassadress of the French touch. Almost 40, she nonetheless still looks as young and intrepid as ever.

9 – Sophie Marceau
Another timeless beauté. Dark hair, deep eyes, Marceau ticks most boxes of the French femme fatale. She was even a James Bond girl – though a villainess – ultimate consecration.

8 – Mélissa Theuriau
Rather unknown outside France, Theuriau is a famous journalist and anchorwoman in her homeland. Smart and beautiful – how bad is that? And good luck pronouncing her name 🙂 It’s something like “ta’reeo”, still you want to practise this one a bit.

7 – Audrey Tautou
If I had to compare Audrey to another actress, it would be Anne Hathaway. Beyond the short black hair, they both come across as friendly, smart, elegant women. Best known for her role as Amélie, Tautou has since then proved her ability to play different roles throughout her filmography.

6 – Clara Morgane
We don’t really know what Morgane does. Not much actually, but she is regularly on French TV, probably trying not to be forgotten. Apart from some adult movies, a few unheard of albums and an autobiography , she’s done very little worth mentioning.

5 – Marion Cotillard
Finally, the top 5! Cotillard is a very beautiful woman, whose career is more than impressive: at only 37, she played along DiCaprio, McGregor or Bale! She has the recipe for success and beauty and is not afraid of using it.

4 – Nolwenn Leroy
Another black hair beauty – mesmerising green eyes, mysterious persona… The singer is not that well known outside Europe, but her promising career, enchantress voice and advantageous looks should help her conquer the rest of the world in no time.

3 – Eva Green
Another James Bond girl. With her irresistible charm and international career, pretty much anyone knows Eva Green. The 32 year old model and actress has convincing arguments when it comes to learning French.

2 – Alizée
Second in our ranking, it’s the beautiful Corsica-born singer Alizée. In the early 2000s, she became within a few months a worldwide known singer with her hit song Moi… Lolita. Even though she has not done much since then – a few albums that did not meet her previous success – she is still a remarkably attractive young woman.

1 – Noémie Lenoir
Finally our number one! And it’s no less than model and actress Noémie Lenoir. Known for her work at the most prestigious fashion names such as Gap, Gucci or Victoria’s Secret, she also appeared on screen, notably in Rush Hour 3.


Truth is, it’s rather difficult to choose only 10 French women, however if you think I forgot someone who deserves to be in this top 10, feel free to express yourself in the comment section!



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