Top 100 International Exchange & Expats Blogs 2016: About the competition

What is it?

The Top 100 International Exchange & Expats Blogs 2016 (IX16) is a yearly contest organized by The competition features blogs about living or travelling abroad.

Who can participate?

Every blogger who talks about international experience is welcome to enter the contest. For example: high school and university students on an exchange, au-pairs, expats working abroad, families who moved to another country, travellers around the globe, enthusiast people taking part in volunteering projects, and more. Blogs can be written in any language.

The timeframe

The competition is divided into three phases:

  • Nominations: 18th – 31th January
  • Voting: 5th – 21st February
  • The results will be online on on February 24th

How can I nominate a blog?

You can nominate your blog by:

Whichever way you choose, we need two pieces of information for the nomination: the URL of your blog and the email address to contact the blogger.

Can I promote my blog?

Absolutely yes!

Who can vote?

Everybody can vote once for his/her favourite blog on We will check for and delete fraudulent votes at the end of the voting phase.

How does the ranking work?

The final ranking is based on the number of votes. Furthermore, we will assign extra points to the top 3 pictures taking part in our Facebook album about IX16 (see next paragraph for detailed info).

Your experience abroad in one picture

Every blogger is welcome to take part in our Facebook album about IX16. In order to do so, you can send one picture and its caption to brigitte[at]bab[dot]la. We will upload the pictures in an album on our Facebook page. We will sum the likes and shares for every picture, and the first 3 in the ranking will be assigned extra points:

  • 40 points for the first picture;
  • 25 for the second picture;
  • 15 for the third picture.

These points will be added to the number of votes on

What are the prizes?

The prizes are kindly offered by Babbel, the world leader web app to learn languages:

#1: one-year free course to learn any of the 14 languages offered by Babbel

#2 and #3: six-month free course to learn any of the 14 languages offered by Babbel

#4 to #10: three-month free course to learn any of the 14 languages offered by Babbel

Be Social!

You can follow the updates of IX16 on social media using the hashtag #IX16

Previous competitions

You can see the results of the previous competitions here: IX15, IX14, IX13, IX12, IX11, IX10, and IX09

Got any questions?

The project manager of the competition will be happy to answer them: brigitte[at]bab[dot]la


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