Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Nomination started

After the great success of last year’s competition it’s time again for the Top 100 Language Blogs competition – now bigger and better than ever. We’ve added four new categories to the competition and improved ranking methods based on last year’s feedback.

We here at the language portal made by and for language lovers are trying to get everyone involved in the Top 100 Language Blog competition. The nominated blogs could be about learning a language, tips on how to learn a language, language teaching, commenting on translations or a blog by a professional translator – there are no boundaries set as long as languages are involved!

This is where we need your help: we want you to nominate your favourite blog relating to languages! In a couple of weeks, we will publish our new list of the most interesting blogs and you will then get to vote for your favourite, who knows – you may even find a NEW favourite!

The nomination phase starts today. We have included all of last year’s blogs and new suggestions we have received in the meantime. If you haven’t received a nomination email yet, post a comment below or send me an email (marc[at] You are also welcome to nominate a friend’s blog or other blogs you find interesting.

The last day to submit your favourite blog is Monday July 6, so hurry! If you have any questions about how the competition works, check the “How and why?” article.

You will find the voting page here.

Good luck to all of you,


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93 thoughts on “Top 100 Language Blogs 2009 – Nomination started”

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  3. Dear Bloggers,
    I really need your blog descriptions sent to marc[at] until the voting starts, otherwise you will not have a description along with your blog! So far we have around 500 nominated blogs. Don’t forget that for each category only one hundred blogs will go into the voting phase, so give your best and let your blog shine! Good luck for the competition!

    Kind regards,
    Marc [marc[at]]
    On behalf of the and Lexiophiles team

    Marc Lütten GmbH | Baumwall 7 | 20459 Hamburg | Germany
    Phone: +49(0)40-707080950
    Handelsregister AG Hamburg | HRB 101207
    Geschaftsführer: Dr. Andreas Schroeter, Dr. Thomas Schroeter, Patrick Uecker

  4. Thanks for the update Marc 🙂 I am looking forward to the next weeks’ interesting blogging from the language blog community!
    Since my blog is in (probably for language learning category?) already I’d like to nominate a few more that are worth being in the list: – A blog in Portuguese about learning English – Translation blog, also in Portuguese
    (The rest in English) – Blog about learning Italian – Blog about learning French – Blog about learning Spanish

    And all the rest I enjoy reading have already been included 🙂

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  6. Hi ya Marc,

    I just thought of one more blog which I’d like to nominate in the area of teaching with technology:

    Nergiz Kern writes about teaching English in 2nd Life, provides lesson plans, teaching tips and puts up photos of the virtual classes /classrooms – it’s definitely one of the most innovative blog concepts out there!


  7. Team Verb appreciates the nomination — by a famous Wisconsinite, no less. Let the games begin!
    Mr. V

  8. For the languages teaching category, I’d like to nominate this blog on the new German spelling: ttp://

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    1. @Giulietta Bianchini
      Unfortunately, you are a bit late! The voting phase has already started and we are not taking in anymore nominations. However, we are running the competition again next year!

      Best regards,

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  11. I’d like to nominate our blog, if it’s not too late. Our goal is to support multilingual families in their efforts to learn Spanish. We share tips, links, resources and have original songs we’ve recorded that give families songs to sing (essentially, practicing their language) while doing the normal things that family do.

    1. @pina madera
      I’m sorry to tell you but the nomination phase has ended a while ago. However, you are more than welcome to participate in next year’s competition. Best regards, Marc

  12. Hi Everyone,

    Check out the Translation and Interpretation Blog. www.
    It will be published in the American Translators Association magazine this August 2009.


    1. @Slownictwo
      Unfortunately, the nomination phase has already ended. However, you are more than welcome to participate in next year’s competition. Kind regards, Marc

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