Top 100 Language Lovers 2017 (#TLL17)

About the Competition: What’s TLL?

It’s that time of the year again! We are proud to announce that Top Language Lovers 2017 competition is around the corner and celebrates its 9th anniversary this year! The race for the 100 most popular language-related blogs and social media channels has gotten fiercer every year since its debut in 2009.

There will be a slight change in the categories this year. Therefore, 2017’s Top Language Lovers will be sorted into the following categories:

  1. Language Blogs: blogs about the language learning process, language enthusiasts and blogs by language professionals.
  2. Language Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages related to language topics, such as dictionaries, translation tools, language lovers communities and more.
  3. Language Twitter Accounts: Twitterers who create and share content about languages.
  4. Language YouTube Channels: YouTubers who vlog about languages.

The 3 Phases of the Competition


Nominations (May 0415, 23:59 CET)

You can nominate your favourite Language Lovers here! All the active participants from last year will be automatically nominated, as well as other proposals that we have received after the last year’s competition. We will personally contact all nominated bloggers, Facebook page administrators, Twitterers and YouTubers to inform them. Note that this year, you will only be able to nominate either 1 blog, 1 Facebook page, 1 Twitter account or 1 YouTube channel per person/company. This means you need to choose in which category you would like to compete. The nomination phase ends on May 15th. However, we will stop considering suggestions after 1,000 nominations per category.

Voting (May 17–June 06, 23:59 CET)

We will create a list of the 100 best nominated Language Lovers of each category, which will be up for voting on May 17th. If your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel makes it onto the voting list, you can ask your readers, friends, family or anyone else to vote for you. All the participants will be provided with a voting button before the voting phase starts. The idea is then to embed these buttons on their own sites.

Results (June 09, 23:59 CET)

We have all hands on deck, as the competition keeps us busy! All the votes will be checked for frauds, and if needed, actions will be taken in order to adjust the votes to correspond to reality. The competitors will be ranked according to user votes (50%) as well as the Lexiophiles ranking criteria (also 50%). After that, we will gather the list of the Top 100 Language Lovers and the Top 25 list for all of the four categories. Additionally, this year we have an amusing social media campaign (see social media paragraph below). Diligent social media engagement can really boost the visibility of the participants, so don’t miss your chance to take part in it.

The results will be published on June 9th. Each participant will be individually contacted and informed about the outcome of the competition and this year there are some great prizes awaiting the winners (see FAQ for prizes).

Gain More Voters with Your Secret Language Learning Tip

What is it?

Secret Learning Tips” is the official social media campaign of Top Language Lovers 2017. The idea is to share meaningful learning tips in order to help other language learners achieve their goals, no matter if they are a beginner or an expert in their target language. This is the perfect way for you to gain more attention for your language site and increase your visibility in the competition!

How to Submit Your Secret Learning Tip

The tip should not be more than 180 characters and must be sent to sara-linnea[at] along with the name of the blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel. We will turn the tips into pictures and will share them throughout the whole competition on our social media channels and tag the author. The official hashtag of this year’s competition is #TLL17.


What are the prizes?

This year’s prizes are truly awesome and are sponsored by the amazing companies Pimsleur, LingQ and Caseable.

#1 Pimsleur’s complete software language course

#2 LingQ’s premium 6-month online language course

#3 LingQ’s premium 3-month online language course

#4-10 LingQ’s premium 1-month online language course

TOP 10: Caseable customized laptop sleeve

What are the Lexiophiles ranking criteria?

Each competitor will be individually evaluated and ranked by the staff. We are aware of the fact that ranking can sometimes be somewhat subjective and may divide opinions. However, we are confident that the following ranking criteria are fair and will thus give a reliable overview of the quality of a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or a YouTube channel.

Language Blogs: We are looking for authored and original content, considering the depth of postings, the incorporation of multimedia (such as videos, pictures, slideshows, gifs etc.) and meaningful linking (e.g. in-depth information for further reading, background information, and interesting opinions on a subject, etc.). Additionally, interaction plays an important role, i.e. sharing information and getting other people involved. The most remarkable feature is comments, but there is also something else: can users contact the blogger through a contact page, Facebook or similar? We also take into consideration the regularity and frequency of updating, and, finally, the overall appearance and attractiveness of the blog.

Facebook Pages: We are looking for originality and diversity of content. Good interaction means that there are discussions with shares and comments from users and answers to them. We will take into consideration the regularity of posting and the fan base of the page.

Twitter accounts: We will take into account the relevance of the shared information, the diversity of content, the use of hashtags and links. Another important factor will be the influence of the Twitterer, i.e. whether the content posted is also retweeted and other Twitterers recommend the account.

YouTube channels: We looking for regularly updated vlogs, which have good quality in terms of content, relevance and exclusiveness. We also take into account whether the content is presented in a pleasant and attractive way. Other important factors include the number of views of the videos, how many subscribers the channel has as well as the discussion activity.

I have been nominated. Why can I not find my blog/Facebook page/Twitter account/YouTube channel on the voting list?

This might be the case due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your blog/Facebook page/Twitter account/YouTube channel did not get to the Top 100 of its category.
  2. We received more than one thousand nominations for the category you fit into (after 1000 we stop considering new suggestions).

What about the results?

The results of the Top 100 Language Lovers 2017 competition will be published on’s website on June 9th. We will publish an overall Top 100 list and a Top 25 list for each of the four categories (see above).

My blog/Facebook page/Twitter account/YouTube channel is in the wrong category

If you were nominated but notice that your blog or social media channel is in the wrong category, please let us know right away, because once the Top 100 has been established, we cannot change your blog from a category to another.

Where can I find the voting button?

Every blog/Facebook Page/Twitterer/YouTuber who has made it to the voting phase will receive a voting button so that they can let their readers vote for them. You will receive it by email when the voting phase starts. It is advisable to check you spam folder, too, in case you have not received the mail. Another case for not receiving an email is that we could not find your contact email. Should this be the case, please email us as soon as possible and we will forward you the suitable code to embed on your page.

Can I vote for my own site?

Many of you have asked if you can vote for your own site. The answer to this question is YES, of course!

How many times can you vote for one site?

You can vote for one candidate per category. If you vote several times, these votes will be deleted and will not be taken into consideration when we check for fraudulent votes at the end of the competition. Let’s all play fair!

If you have further questions about the TLL 2017, you can contact us through the following email address: mariana[at]bab[dot]la.

Good luck to all the participants!

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