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Top 100 Language Lovers 2017 – Nomination (#TLL17)

Dear participants and followers, and Lexiophiles would like to warmly welcome each and every one of you to this year’s TLL competition. The game is on – the competition has officially started! It’s once again time to find and nominate your favourite blogs/Facebook pages/Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. Last year’s participants will be automatically nominated. Take a peek at last year’s competition here: TLL 2016

The blogs and social media channels can be nominated in the 4 following categories:

  1. Language Blogs: blogs about the language learning process, language enthusiasts and blogs by language professionals.
  2. Language Facebook Pages: Facebook Pages dealing with language topics, such as dictionaries, translation tools, language lover communities, etc.
  3. Language Twitter accounts Twitterers who create and share content about languages.
  4. Language YouTube channels: YouTubers vlogging about languages.

The nominations are open until May 15th (23:59 CET). Nominating happens through a nomination form that can be found here:

Nomination form

You can nominate all different kinds of blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels that deal with languages. This means that the content should cover language-related topics versatilely. Examples of topics are translation, interpretation, working with languages, raising bilingual children, being in a multilingual relationship, learning languages, you name it.

After the nomination phase, the voting phase will follow. The rankings will be created as a result of your votes (50%) and internal evaluation (50%). The final pinnacle will take place on June 9th when the results are revealed. The many prizes of this year’s competition are magnificent:

#1 Pimsleur’s complete software language course

#2 LingQ’s premium 6 month online language course

#3 LingQ’s premium 3 month online language course

#4-10 LingQ’s premium 1 month online language course

TOP 10: Caseable customized laptop sleeve

For more information about the ranking criteria or the competition in general, please read the introductory article. Any further questions and inquiries should be sent to the mail address mariana(at)bab(dot)la.

Have fun! Viel Spaß! Buon divertimento! Amusez-vous bien ! Miłej zabawy! Pitäkää hauskaa!
Divirta-se! Повеселись! ¡Que lo paséis bien! Ha det så roligt!

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