Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2014 – The Final Brief

Two weeks after the results, it’s time to give you an update on how it all went.
First of all: We had a blast, and we hope you did too!

Hosting the competition is always great, but this year it was even more exciting, thanks to the addition of the YouTube category. Never have we had such a wide range of contestants. The competition has been extremely tough, but more than 50,000 votes sure have been a great help in establishing the winners. Thanks, everyone!
As every year, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the competition. It has been tweeted about, talked about on Facebook, and even had poems dedicated to it. This really pleases a language lover’s heart, and we would like to share some of the highlights with you.
Marian from Words to good effect wrote a blog post about the ‘Great things about the Language Lovers competition’. To put it in her words, TLL is “eclectic”, “democratic” and “a motivator”. Stop it, you’re making us blush!

Maria, the woman behind WordLo, captures the essence of the competition with this very fitting quote from Sheryl Sandberg, see right.

Last but not least, we came across this very funny poem, written by Alina from Closer wor(l)ds.
The poem starts like this:

You may be surprised, I know,
to read this rhyming post today,
and although I’m not a pro,
I hope it will be OK.

We were indeed surprised, and to say that it was “OK” would be an understatement. Thanks!

There are a lot more awesome contributions out there, which is another good reason for you to check out the Top 25 in each category once more.

Here come some statistics in comparison to last year:
This year, the competition has had its highest numbers ever, with 1,276 nominees (25% more than last year) and 55364 votes in total (an increase of 35 %). Our social media numbers went up as well, with more than 1900 new likes on Facebook, and over 400 new followers on Twitter.

Next year, we’re setting out to break the record once again, and we hope you will be there to do it with us! Thank you for participating: the competition wouldn’t have been possible without you! See you again soon on and Lexiophiles.

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