Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2017 – The Aftermath

A little over a week after the Top Language Lovers 2017 results have been published, we would like to share with you a little debriefing. Aye, aye captain!

The months of May and June are exceptionally extraordinary here at, mainly due to all the excitement that TLL causes in the office. We had a blast and we hope you did too! The competition has been extremely tough and 35,546 votes were cast in total. Three years after its addition to the competition, the YouTube category has shown incredibe promise, stating the growth of the language learning community in the vlogging world. 16,768 votes were cast for this category alone!

The news about the competition have been spread all over the world wide web via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ (yes!) and even had a little poem by Nicola Gardini dedicated to it. Awww!

Check out some of this year’s edition highlights:

Ingrid Piller from Language on the Move wrote an amazing article with her top 10 ‘Secret Learning Tips’, such as “read, read, read! The soul of your target language is in its literature.” – Indeed, it is!

top language lovers

The YouTuber Stefan Kosmidis shot wonderful videos about TLL, sharing with his audience his best advices to learn a new language smoothly.

Last but not least, we came across this sweet post by Eleonora from Linguaenauti, who shared a short poem:

“La traduzione è un bacio.

È avere nella boca

Non uma, ma due lingue


(Nicola Gardini)

There are many awesome contributions out there, which is another good reason for you to check out the Top 25 in each category once more. Additionally, you can find more Secret Learning Tips on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback and for participating: the competition wouldn’t have been possible without your support. See you again next year! Go #TLL18!

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