Top 3 Articles of December on Lexiophiles

2016 has arrived! Happy new year to our readers around the world! It is also the time for us to have a look at which three articles were the most popular during the past month.

3rd place

Watch Out for Swedish-English False Friends! EnSv_Watch out for Swedish-English false friends_coverEn

It is a common thing that sometimes different languages use the same words with totally different meanings. Be careful! Louise introduced some Swedish-English false friends, which can be very useful for foreigners who want to know more about Sweden and its language.


2nd place

You Are Like a Goat – Spanish IdiomsEnEs_Are you like a goat - Spanish idioms_coverEn

Idioms are always an important part in every language, and they can also be fun at the same time. If you are learning Spanish, you must read Tamara’s article and see whether you know all these interesting idioms.


1st place

The 2015 International Recipe Advent CalendarEn_The 2015 International Recipe Advent Calendar_cover

The annual advent calendar on Lexiophiles, which covers 24 recipes from 9 countries undoubtedly becomes the most popular article in December. Don’t regret if you miss this big event. We will have it again during next Christmas. But you are always welcome to check these international recipes every time you would like to cook an exotic meal.


In January, several contributors will leave but the good news is that we have new ones from Brazil and Germany. I am sure they will bring some interesting articles. See you in February.


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