Top 3 Articles Of February On Lexiophiles

February 2015 has already left us, and it’s time to reveal the three most popular articles of that month:

3rd place

European Culture: The Language of Time

An interesting and engaging article, in which I adopt the premise that the speakers of different languages deal, perceive and quantify time in different ways. Whether language affects time or the opposite remains a question for all of us to find an answer to.


2nd place

The Beautiful Story of 5 Italian Words

The lovely Benedetta manages to charm us yet again with the tales of 5 Italian words. A must-read article that reminds us of the history, the significance and the spirit of each individual word in all our languages.


1st place

Panzer and German Porno

Rated XXX for eXplicit, eXtraordinary and eXceptional, this article, by our very own Weronika, provides a graceful yet matter-of-fact account of what Poles and Germans don’t like about each other.


In the meantime, Polina from Russia and Jessica from Indonesia have joined us. We are all looking forward to many more fun and engaging articles from them!


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