Top 3 Articles Of January On Lexiophiles

The first month of this new year is already over, and it’s time to reveal the three most popular articles of January 2015:

3rd place

How Gaming Taught Me LanguagesNL gaming ENcover

A daredevil article, in which Isabelle uses her experiences to make a very strong case of how gaming can help people around the world learn new languages, meet new people and form solid long-lasting friendships. A great read for everyone interested in how videogames can be a productive hobby.



2nd place


Our very own Ibolya bids farewell to Lexiophiles by sharing her own story of leaving home and becoming a citizen of the world. Ibolya, with her majestic writing, expresses a full palet of colours and emotions, allowing the reader to experience joy, fear and courageous determination all at the same time.


1st placeGR otters ENcover

Otters in Space – Anxara’s Betrayal

Once upon a time, in outer space, cute furry animals waged endless war with laser guns and fearsome spaceships… or so I would have everyone believe. Stick with me, as I take you through the adventures of our otter friends and embark with them on one of the bloodiest space wars the universe has ever seen.


Meanwhile we have welcomed Isabelle from Belgium to our team. So look forward to many more interesting and funny articles from her!


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