Top 3 Articles of June on Lexiophiles

June has past and it’s time to see which of our articles you liked the best or which you were forced to like by its writers.. don’t let them get to you.

In 3rd place this month was Montira’s article on Bangkok, her home city.

Bangkok 101: You know you’ve been living in Bangkok for so long when…. Part 1

This city is one of the most favourite places for backpackers to start and it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. This is why Montira passionately shares some interesting facts about life in Bangkok. It’s a great tool for when you decide to go to Bangkok. Also check out part two.

In 2nd place this month was Petrine’s article about learning languages.

Five Ways to Learn a Language Fast

A simple but effective list of tips on how one can learn a language fast. Check it out and see whether you’ve been studying your languages the best you can, or whether you can maybe add a strategy to the process.

And as if 2nd place is not enough (or 2 places in the top 3 for that matter) Petrine also managed to get
1st place with her article on the real reasons behind going abroad.

Five Advantages of Living Abroad

No more ”expanding your horizons” , ”meeting interesting people”, ”experiencing a new culture”, ”learning a new language” and ”personal growth”. She describes the real reasons why being an expat is awesome. We couldn’t agree more. (Why do you think we all work in lovely Hamburg?)
Check them out one more time, maybe you’ve missed one. And stay tuned this month, because we have some newbies and they’ll try their best to try and kick Petrine off her throne.

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