Top 3 articles of March on Lexiophiles

As a little recap of all the amazing articles that were written in the month March, Lexiophiles has put together the Top 3 most read articles.

In 3rd place; Olya‘s article about the situation in Ukraine.

Time for changes: The political situation in Ukraine

Olya is Ukrainian and since the whole Ukraine situation is something not to be kept quiet it is nice to hear the situation from a Ukrainian point of view. She writes about the situation in an objective way, to give people the opportunity to establish their own opinion about the situation. Accompanied by some incredible videos, that visualize this issue perfectly, it is a great read for people who want to know how the situation is perceived by people on the inside

In 2nd place; Montira‘s first article about her country of origin, Thailand.

Boys and girls, would you like to come to Thailand?

Join Montira on a little introduction to this beautiful country. The country has a lot of beautiful things to offer and she is trying to convince you to give it a try sometime. Reading the article it is really hard to think of reasons why not to visit Thailand. Beautiful beaches, great food and amazing people.. what more could a person ask for?

And in 1st place; Leonie‘s article about how incredibly easy Dutch is.

Dutch hard?? Nooooooo! (Written by a Dutch)

As stated in the title it is written by a Dutch. This makes the article a whole lot more credible, not. But what she’s basically doing is defending her language. Everybody always claims that Dutch is a difficult language, but when you carefully look at the grammar for example, you can see that when you have a basis of English it is not that hard. The only thing left to overcome is the pronunciation, because that indeed is as hard as people say.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the March articles and that you will also enjoy the upcoming month April!

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