Top 3 Articles of May on Lexiophiles

Another month, another Top 3. May has been great with some exciting articles that were very popular amongst you all. Here a little recap of the most popular ones.

In 3rd place Petrine‘s article about the Norwegian Constitution Day.

Sex, Booze and Patriotism: Norwegian Constitution Day

This day full of craziness on the 17th of May was a little crazier this year, firstly because the constitution was decided upon exactly 200 years ago and because Petrine wrote about it. Being a party person of the first hour she was able to describe all the dirty ins and outs of this special Norwegian Day. Just read it, it will teach all you need to know about Norwegian culture!

In 2nd place Lisa‘s article on the prejudices of translation students.

You know you’re studying translation when…

Debuting on Lexiophiles we are happy to see that her article did so good. She writes about all the statements that all translation students have ever heard, especially at a party and most of the times these things are said at least 10 times. So do you study translations and do you want to make sure you don’t feel alone in this? or maybe you should check if you’re not the douche that always asks these stupid questions. Just take a look and see if maybe you can learn something from this.

And in 1st place (as if one time in the top 3 is not enough) is Petrine’s article on her view about Germans on Tinder.

What Tinder Taught Me about German Culture

This being her debuting article, we’re happy to see that her articles are satisfying to you. Tinder is all hot and happening in Germany now. Petrine decided to write about her findings on guys who use Tinder to find a potential girlfriend, or something a little bit more short-term. This happens in combination with awkward selfies, cheesy cliches and fake profiles. If you’re in Germany and looking for a partner on Tinder, it might be wise to prepare yourself for what you might come across.

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