Top 3 Articles of May on Lexiophiles

We hope you all enjoyed May and liked glancing through the many interesting blogs that entered the TLL competition! (If you haven’t voted yet: you can cast your vote on this page and lose yourself in the magical world of languages)

Now, let’s see which articles were the most read in May:

ES_pros and cons of speaking other languages_coverEN

3rd place

Do you want to become a polyglot? In his yet again interesting (but sadly enough last) article, Andrés weighs up the pros and cons of knowing multiple languages.


2nd place

NL_5 things you only see in Belgium_coverNL


Every country has its own characteristics and singularities. But some things can simply only happen in Belgium. GTI’s, Belgian solutions…: I’ve listed up the most important ones just for you.



1st placeIT_5 Life lessons that learning a foreign language has taught me_coverEN

In this article our lovely Benedetta shares the insights she gained while learning a foreign language. This post is a must if you don’t want to see yourself giving up on language learning.



Meanwhile, Lilly and Leni have joined us, so you can look forward to some Korean and Spanish articles!




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