Top 3 Articles Of November On Lexiophiles

It’s time to have a look at our top-of-the-list November writers. And there’s something special this month: all three places go to Hau!

3rd place

What (not) to Eat – Vietnamese Food for Daredevils Part 2VN fd2 cover EN

The second part of her series on particularly unusual Vietnamese food seems to have hit it with many readers. I bet everyone wondered if they had the guts to try the shrimp paste she described for us. After all, its main ingredient has to ferment for months to be just perfect.



VN part4 cover EN2nd place

What (Not) to Eat – Vietnamese Food For Daredevils Part 3

The same thought probably goes for our second place this month-as we continue to explore the secrets of raw blood soup. Let’s hope we don’t put off the vegetarians around, but hey, no matter if you ever try the real thing, Hau’s article is fascinating to read.


1st placeVN taboos1 cover EN

What Not To Do – Taboos in Vietnamese Everyday Life (Part 1)

So let’s look at the winner in this row! No food this time, but more useful tips to find one’s way around in Vietnam. Here you’ll learn why taking photos of three people together does not always get you friends.


Meanwhile we have welcomed Weronika from Poland and Andrés from Spain to our team. So look forward to many more interesting and funny articles from them!


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