Top 3 Articles of November on Lexiophiles

December and Christmas are finally coming! So it is time for us to reveal which three articles were most popular in November.

3rd place

Elegy of LoveEnRu_Elegy of love_coverEn

Swan Lake is always a famous ballet performance around the world. But maybe a lot of people don’t know its hidden stories. Oksana described its development, from an unsuccessful premier to an internationally recognized love story.


2nd place

Top 7 Places to Visit in Spain – Part I EnEs_Top 7 places to visit in Spain – Part I_coverEn

If you are looking for advice on what to do inBarcelona or Madrid, this would not be the correct post. But definitely it is worth reading because Tamara introduced some underrated cities or towns with beautiful landscape. If you want to know more about Spain, this is just what you need.


1st place

Atatürk’s Sun Language Theory, of How All Languages Derive from EnNl_Atatürk’s sun language theory or how all languages derive from Turkish_coverEnTurkish

Brigitte made a brief introduction of linguistic theory – Sun Language Theory, which asserts that all languages derive from Turkish. However, as time goes by, the theory is abandoned. But it is also an interconnection of linguistics and politics.


In December, we will have our amazing annual International Recipe Advent Calendar on Lexiophiles to celebrate Christmas. You will get a new recipe every day from Dec. 1st to 24th. I am sure it will be helpful to get ready for your Christmas feast. Let’s look forward to it!


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