It is November! In October, we had a lot of good articles to introduce cultures and languages around the world. Now let’s see which three articles were the most popular.

3rd place 

Halloween Nowadays: Scary or Slutty?EnEs_Halloween nowadays scary or slutty_coverEn

Last weekend what kind of costume did you wear for this crazy festival? Tamara’s article may give you some clues for your next Halloween’s dress up. Remember to have a look at it although Halloween is over.


2nd place

Did You Ever Step in the Spinach? Danish Food IdiomsEnDa_Did you ever step in the spinach Danish food idioms_coverEn

Food is always a popular topic, but have you ever thought about learning some Danish food idioms which actually have nothing to do with food? Joan introduced 3 short food idioms in her article, which I think is very interesting and informative.


1st place 

Top 16 Languages of the Language World Language World Cup 2015_coverEn Language World Cup has attracted a lot of attention these weeks. This article, written by Benedetta, not only presents the top 16 languages, but also offers some useful advice for people who want to start learning a bit about these languages. On November 4th, the Language World Cup came to an end. If you want to know which language won, please check the results here.

New exciting articles are coming in November. It is sad that Joan is leaving, but meanwhile, we will have a new contributor from the Netherlands. Let’s look forward to her posts!


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