Top 3 of Lexiophiles in February

Your team sends greetings from Hamburg! In February we have mainly been occupied with IX16, our annual travel blog competition (read more about the results here), but in March we revert back to business as usual: providing you with much fun related to language and culture! Until then, check out the most popular articles from the past month.

EnNl_On linguistic diversity_coverEn3rd place

Hal tatakallam al-lughrah al-Arabiyah? On linguistic diversity in the Middle East and North Africa

In this article Brigitte discusses the wide diversity of languages in the MENA area, from Arabic to Berber, Kurdish, Persian and Turkish. A must-read for everyone interested in this fascinating part of the world!


EnSp_Spanish sayings with no English equivalents_coverEn2nd place

Spanish sayings with no English equivalents

In this article Tamara introduces us to some of the particularities in Spanish with her article on Spanish sayings without English equivalents. Are you learning Spanish and do you want to know more about proverbs that only exist in Spanish? Then you’d love this article!


old-man-and-the-sea1st place

5 classic novels you can read in a weekend

Matt’s guest blog on English classic novels was the most popular article this month on Lexiophiles! If you have a day or two off and utterly and are completely bored, you should check out this list for inspiration: 5 classic novels you can read in a short amount of time!

The world is changing and so is! Although we say goodbye to Brigitte (the Netherlands) we look forward to welcoming to our team two new contributors from Finland: Jussi and Sara.


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