Top 3 of Lexiophiles in January

Hello from Hamburg! Although some parts of the world remain covered in snow, your language experts are confident that we have had the worst of the winter and that spring is on it’s way. Although some clouds try to refrain the sun from warming us too much, with a relatively warm 4 degrees Celsius the weather is nowhere as bad as in other places. And I’m not talking about Brazil, Australia or South Africa, of course. So are you ready for our top 3 articles from January?

3rd place

Atatürk’s language reforms and the creation of a post-Ottoman Turkey

EnNl_Atatürk’s language reforms _intext1


In her article about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s language reforms of the 1920s and 1930s Brigitte links language reforms with politics and the desire to create a Turkish state that is completely different from its Islamic predecessor, the Ottoman Empire. A must read if you are into language politics!


2nd place

Three hot spots in Iceland

EnDe_Three hot spots in Iceland_coverDe


Moritz, our new expert on Scandinavian affairs, introduces you to three hot spots you should not miss when you travel to Iceland. But be careful: after reading this article you might want to spend your last pennies on a plane ticket and hop on the next plane to the land of fire and ice!


1st place

Spanish-English false friends

EnSp_Spanish – English False Friends_coverEn


Nothing as despicable as a false friend! Many language lovers learning Spanish have been tricked by these Spanish words, which have a completely different meaning than what you would have assumed. Tamara relates how this can lead to very funny situations with some hilarious examples.


In January we said goodbye to three of our contributors: Louise (Sweden) and Oksana (Ukraine) have returned to university, whereas the previous Lexiophiles manager Sally (China) is currently working on mastering the German language. Good luck with your future career girls, you will be missed!


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