TOP 5 American TV shows to watch to improve your English skills!

We already suggested you some tips to practice foreign languages and our blog is full of advice.

Speaking for myself, I am a huge fan of American TV Series and I watch them in original version with French subtitles first, then understanding the episode without subtitles. This is one thing I am very proud of (I am not saying that I could get the Matrix trilogy but I am working on it:)

Here there are some pleasant and useful suggestions:

Police, investigation and crimes: I am starting here with one of the darkest characters from American TV Shows: Dexter. He is an untypical American citizen, a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Police Department in Miami. He carries a terrible secret: he is a serial killer during the night. However he does not kill randomly! I appreciate all the suspense and plot line during the seasons, you can´t get bored and you’ll even get attached to this dark character.
Learn slang with Entourage: This is a must-see. Discover Hollywood behind the scenes. You will explore an inhibited immersion into the exciting life of a young actor. This TV Show deals with the competitive environment of the show-business world. The show uses a satirical approach by featuring most of episodes with celebrity guest stars such as: James Cameron, Jessica Alba, Eminem, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Scorsese, playing themselves and doing some self-mocking. I like the sense of humor and tone. Caution: language is often inappropriate; this is not something for the faint of heart! 🙂
The world of medicine: Scrubs is one of my favorite TV series. With its funny tones, it makes it easier to approach sad topics. It tells us the story of a young intern´s life (John Dorian) at the Sacred Heart hospital. Even though he talks about serious issues like illness or death, JD is a childish doctor, who gets often lost in his own thoughts picturing crazy performances with his friends and colleagues.
World of advertising and business: Don´t expect too much suspense or silly stories while watching Mad Men. I find this TV series very interesting as it takes place during the 60’s in New York and describes social and moral changes. It shows the American culture of 60’s with a cynical approach, dealing with alcoholism, tobacco issue, sexism, racism, adultery and many other similar topics.
The daily life: You will learn many expressions about everyday life thanks to Modern Family, shot as a fake documentary. It introduces you to a new kind of families’ misfortune, with humor. It tells the story of a housewife from a “traditional” family, a sexagenarian at the head of a blended family and a homosexual couple adopting a baby.

Which TV Series do you watch in original version? Share your favorite TV series with us!


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