Top 5 Must Try Indonesian Dishes

They say the best way to get to know a country is through its people. However, another fun and exciting way to do it is through the different kind of dishes that a country has to offer.

Food is an important aspect in Indonesian culture. Whenever there’s a celebration people just eat, eat and eat! As an archipelago country steeped in history and culture, every dish always has a unique back story behind it.

Here are the top 5 Indonesian foods you must absolutely try:

Mie Aceh (Sumatra)

The island of Sumatra is synonymous with the famous rendang dish from Padang. However there’s also another dish from Sumatra that’s just as famous and as good as rendang. Mie aceh is a noodle dish served with a curry like sauce, slices of meat or seafood and bean sprouts.


Gado-gado (Java)

Gado-gado, or also known as lotek, is equivalent to a salad but Indonesians eat it as a main dish.  The vegetables are blanched or steamed then served with ketupat or lontong, pieces of tepeh,  boiled eggs, prawn crackers (kerupuk) and drenched in peanut sauce.


Nasi Lawar (Bali)

Indonesia has a lot of food that contains different kind of dishes served on one plate. Lawar is a mix dish of vegetables, coconuts and shreds of meat flavoured with rich herbs and spices. It’s served with rice and a chuck meat.


Sambal Ikan Roa (Mando, Sulawesi)

Sambal is usually served as a condiment but in this case it is a dish of its own. Manado is famous for its seafood and spicy dishes; one of these famous dishes is sambal ikan roa. It’s made from a smoked garfish that is shredded really finely. Basically people eat it with everything including with banana fritters.

Papeda (Papua, New Guinea)

Instead of rice, papeda is a staple food in Papua. It’s a congee made from sago flour. Generally it’s not eaten on its own but as a compliment to another dish such as grilled fish.



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