Top 5 unconventional ways to travel

We all want to travel and see the world. But sometimes it’s just a bit expensive and ordinary… if you don’t know how! Here I will give you five unconventional tips to travel abroad.

1. Teach English

English teachers are always in high demand; for some agencies you don’t even need prior experience, although a TEFL certificate (e.g. would be useful. Usually placement agencies provide housing and pay you on top of that, so you will have enough for living and travelling. Brilliant!

2. Become a flight attendant

Well, first of all you need to go to a flight attendant school (e.g. But once you passed that it’ll be great. You fly to numerous places and sometimes you can stay extra days to explore the city. Plus, if you are really lucky, your airline lets you fly with them for free anywhere they travel to. Not bad! And let’s be honest, you always wanted to show passengers where the emergency exits are, right?

3. House-sit

There are a few online portals (e.g. where you can offer your services. Not what you think!! You water the plants and walk the dog in exchange for free accommodation in a cool place of your choice. What are you waiting for?

4. Be a travel writer

There are various platforms (e.g. out there you can blog on for a little pay per post. Once you get a bit experience you can approach bigger networks, earn more and really put your crazy travelling plans into action. You can also talk with travel agencies, hotels or other tourism companies to pay you for writing about them.

5. Crew a yacht

Wait before you say something against this last option. A yacht is not a cruise ship, so it will not be as hard work as you might think. There are a few websites (e.g. that offer opportunities. But be aware of hurricane seasons and the pirates! Although… meeting Jack Sparrow… Nah forget it.

Do you have any other ideas how to travel without just buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel room? Do share!


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