Top 6 K-pop Songs for Starters

I’m sure you have heard of K-pop at some point in your life by now! It’s one of the most fastest growing music industries in the world, with K-pop fans in almost every single country! Many people become interested in K-pop either by watching Korean dramas or somehow stumbling upon K-pop music videos on the internet. If you are curious about what K-pop sounds like or would like to try it out, here are some basic but good K-pop songs, spanding from oldies to newer songs that might spark your interest a little further!



1. TVXQ  – Mirotic

This was the title song of the last album that the group released with all five members in 2008. Sadly, the group disbanded a year later, with three of the members forming their own group called JYJ and the rest remaining together and performing as TVXQ. This song is considered to be the group’s biggest hit song with more than 4 million downloads worldwide. To listen to the song, click here.




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2. Big Bang – Lies (거짓말)

This is the song that launched Big Bang, one of the most popular boybands in the K-pop industry, into staple fame. The song was produced by G-dragon, the leader of the group, and this also launched his career as a songwriter as well. The tune is very catchy and will want to make you move although the lyrics are very sad. Click here to listen to the catchy tune!




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3. 2NE1 – I am the Best (내가 제일 나가)

2NE1 is one of the most fiercest girl groups in the K-pop world! This super catchy and electronic music will make you want to dance, I guarantee it. This is the girls’ biggest hit and is even used in current commercials for Microsoft! Click here!






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4. Girl’s Day – Expectation (기대해)

Girls’ Day is a girl group that recently became very popular and this is the song that led to their rise to fame. It is an addicting dance tune and the dance for this song has been copied numerous of times by K-pop dance cover groups. Give it a listen here!







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5. Epik High – Fan

Epik High is one of my favorite groups to listen to, and their style is very unique and different from most mainstream K-pop. They are a hip-hop group but they also have songs that are very meaningful or emotional. This song is one of the best songs to listen to because of its catchiness and lyrics that some people who have secretly loved someone might find easy to relate to. Click here to listen!





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6. Girls’ Generation – Gee

This girl group is very much known for their cute and colorful concepts, and this song started this concept for the girls. They are the definition of mainstream K-pop in a way. Gee is a super catchy song with colorful pants that became an instant fashion fad in Korea after the release of the music video! This song also brought the girls to international as well as domestic fame. Click here to listen!




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