Top 7 Korean Dramas for Starters

One of the leading “exports” of South Korea is K-dramas. So many stars in Korea become famous through these hit series of Korean “soap operas” or television series, and these series are “exported” into neighboring countries where the Korean wave is real and still growing. Here are a few of the classics and recents that I recommend people to watch if they are new to the K-drama scene.

  1. I Can Hear Your Voice

I personally rank this drama as number 1 because of its fast-pace yet steady storyline. The storyline itself also does not focus heavily on a love line and it has many elements of thrill and suspense as well. I also love the main leads in this drama; they are too cute together, even though the age difference is real. After this drama was released, more older women were open to dating younger men. Click here to watch the series!

  1. Full House

My classic, all-time favorite Korean drama that I will never, ever get tired of watching over and over again is Full House! The storyline is adorable with classic scenes that gave the Rom-Com K-dramas their reputation. This drama is one of the main dramas that led to the growth of the K-drama industry overseas and through this drama, both Rain and Song Hye Kyo, the main leads, gained international fame. I still think these two would be perfect together… Nonetheless, Rain is currently dating Kim Tae Hee and I hope they marry soon. They would make amazing babies.  Click here to watch the series!

  1. My Love From Another Star

My all-time favorite Korean actor is Kim Soo Hyun. Not only is he dreamy but he really knows how to act. But in this drama, Jeon Jihyun takes the crown in best portraying her character. She really gave life to Cheon Song-yi and I believe that no one can resist falling in love with her charms. This drama is a bit of a sci-fi genre with a little taste of a historical drama as well. This one became super popular and there was even a Chinese adaptation of it.  Click here to watch the famous drama!

  1. You’re Beautiful

This drama will give you the feels and is a classic genre of gender-swapping. Plus, it’s about a girl who joins a boyband disguised as a boy and all the boys in the band fall in love with her. Which girl wouldn’t ever dream of doing that herself? Especially if the boys in that band are super hot… Watch it here!

  1. Producer

This is the newest drama on the list and it has a star-studded cast with lots of star-studded cameos as well! This drama tried a new technique in storytelling where the characters are “interviewed” in the making of a documentary. This is kind of like the American show “The Office” in that sense of watching a filming of a film. It is a quirky drama and although the beginning was a bit slow-paced, the later episodes became much better.  Click here to watch!

  1. A Jewel in the Palace

I think this is the most iconic Korean historical drama, with the ever-beautiful Lee Young Ae as the main lead. Korean historical dramas are usually based on real historical figures and their lives. This one is about the first woman to become a doctor in imperial Korea. She was also a great cook because that was where she began. If you are a huge foodie, you will definitely enjoy this drama. Click here to watch it!

  1. Goong (Princess Hours)

One of the first Korean dramas to have sound effects and such as animated as an anime, this drama was a huge hit in Korea. The setting of the story is in modern Korea, except if the royal family still existed (like England today)! That one lucky girl gets to marry the Korean prince! But will she actually be in love with him? Watch here to find out!





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