TOP 7 places to visit in Spain – Part II

So here we go again! The four last best places to visit in Spain – from my point of view –are as follows:

  1. Segovia

One of Segovia’s most remarkable spots is the Alcázar, but probably the most iconic one is its Roman Aqueduct (see picture below), which together with Segovia’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, ancient architecture is not the only thing one can find in Segovia – cochinillo, its local culinary specialty that consists of roast pork, is another of the city’s biggest tourist appeals.

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  1. Cuenca

This well-preserved fortified city was built by the Moors for defensive purposes as it was in the center of the Caliphate of Córdoba – a state in Islamic Iberia that existed from 929 to 1031. Among the ancient and surprisingly colorful streets of this lovely town one can find Spain’s first Gothic cathedral and the so called Casas Colgadas or “Hanging Houses”, since they are literally suspended from abrupt cliffs.

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  1. Córdoba

Despite not being the center of the abovementioned Caliphate anymore, Córdoba remains emanating a Moorish essence. In the 8th century the Moors conquered this territory and started to build there numerous mosques and palaces with the aim of competing with the beauty of Constantinople, Damascus and Baghdad. Nowadays its most outstanding monument, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Mezquita de Córdoba or Córdoba’s Great Mosque which was turned into a Cathedral in the 13th century.

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  1. Toledo

Last but not least, here comes Toledo – from my perspective, Spain’s most enchanting historic town. Over the centuries it has been exposed to the influence of several cultures: first it was a Roman municipium, then the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom, later a fortress of the Emirate of Córdoba and finally the temporary seat of supreme power during the reign of Charles V. Moreover, Toledo is known as “the city of the three cultures” since the three major religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism- coexisted there for centuries and their respective neighborhoods were never clearly separated.

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