Top of Unconventional Expressions You Must Know When Visiting Romania


I have had this article in mind for a long time and it seems that its time has come. Divided in categories, the expressions that are often more or less in disagreement with the Academy are now before your eyes. They are part of the Romanian language too and it seems that somebody must take their side. Every language contains such words and it is a good thing that we have slang dictionaries. Language changes along with society and as a result of that language is a living thing.

In the category “băieţaşi de cartier” (gangsta’ guys) the most popular expressions and words are things like „şmen“, „şmenar“(the one that does a şmen), „făcătură“, „combinaţie“(yet another word for şmen), „am comis-oThe top of unconventional expressions that you must know when visiting Romania “, „bulău“, „a avea bulan“ and many other words which you can find in a normal dictionary under anatomy.

In the category “românu-i frate cu…sticla” (Romanians are at one with…the bottle) some popular expressions and words are „matol“, „băută“, „aghesmuit“(not too drunk), „muci“(very drunk), „turmentat“(drunk), „criţă“(very drunk), „afumat“(a bit drunk), „cherchelit“(same as afumat), „ciobit“(decently drunk). As you can see some of them can actually be categorized regarding the quantity of alcohol drunk and the consequences arising from that.

In the category “utilizări curente” (non-specific ones) we have popular expressions like „al dracu‘ “(bad), „abureală“(bullshit), „adio şi-un praz verde!“(farewell), „a aduce la sapă de lemn“(to bankrupt), „ a da cu porcul“(to sleep), „caşcaval“(money), but also many other.

We didn’t want an exhausting list here, We just want to show our respects for the language itself. Also, if you want to check your knowledge on slang you can check out these nice tests in English: Slang I, II and III.

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