Top places to visit in the Belgian Flanders

Belgium is the home of many cultures and languages. Belgium is a country packed with delicious traditional delicacies and rich history. Today, I will attempt to convince you to go to Belgium by talking about some of the most beautiful places to visit in Belgium, and more specifically Flanders.


Bruges is the capital of the West-Flanders County and is a magnificent historical city. Since 2000, Bruges even became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, so if you’re up for going back into time and having a historical walk, Bruges is the place to be. Furthermore, Bruges is packed with little, cozy cafés in case you want to try our very own Belgian beers.

This historical city also offers the beautiful Minnewater Park, or The lake of Love in the south of the city. The lake of love holds the tragic romance story of Minna and her love for the warrior Stromberg. The story evolved to a belief that if you would walk over the lake bridge with your partner, you would both hold eternal love for one another.

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If you ever manage to go to Flanders, you should definitely visit the Flemish coastline. It’s very loved by tourists from all over the world and there are literally thousands of activities everywhere on the coastline. Besides, it also holds one of the best beaches Europe has to offer. It’s the perfect place to find a nice spot in the summer, enjoy the sun and just have a relaxing day at the beach without being surrounded by noisy crowds.

Next in line, the Flemish radio stations are always located by the sea during the summer holidays, accompanied by their own cocktail bars. Summertime is always party time at the beaches of Flanders!


As said in my previous articles, Ghent is a place I fell in love with, because it’s a city that never bores. It holds amazing festivals like “The Ghent Festivities” and “The Light Festival“. If you like to know more about the beautiful city of Ghent, make sure to read those articles as well.


Antwerp holds one of the biggest shopping districts in all of Belgium. It’s famous because of the large shopping street called ‘the Meir’, which is extremely wanted and expensive. No worries though, the shopping district holds shops in all sizes, all price ranges and for everyone.The fanciest place to shop will always remain the ‘Antwerp Stadsfeestzaal’.

Flanders is a must visit destination for anyone. Our tradition, our cuisine and our festivals cater to not only European tourists but also the international traveler. Whether you want to go high street shopping or spend a quiet weekend at the beach, Flanders is your answer.



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