Torino: a first-rate Christmas

Christmas is coming up! In some cities you can already hear Christmas carols resonate through the floodlit streets, smell the perfumes and admire the colours of the period of the year Italians love most. While everyone is preparing for this year’s celebrations, thinking about presents to collect and delicacies to cook, I would like to draw your attention to my hometown: for this particular time of the year a list of events for adults and children has been drawn up (from the 1st December to the 12th January) and it so interesting that it has even been dedicated a website.

It provides you with a wide range of options that especially people who come from other cities or from abroad will not have the time to enjoy entirely. But don’t worry, here are the 5 things of the magical Christmas in Turin you surely don’t want to miss.

1 – The first attraction, certainly the most striking and distinctive one, is the “Luci d’artista”, a project which started in 1998. It collects out-and-out works of art, made of lights and LEDs, that Christmas after Christmas have been reviving Torino’s streets, squares and distinguishing colonnades. This year’s inaugural ceremony was held in piazza Bodoni on the past 1st November, and a lot of new artists have been joining the project, delighting the city with the results of their creativity.

So spend some time wandering around the city center and surroundings in order to discover the captivating fascination of these unique creations.

“Luci d’artista” – 2012 edition

2- Christmas markets landed in Torino long ago, too. The most striking one is that of Borgo Dora, whose scenic designs are based each year on a different theme: this year’s theme is “Santa Claus”. The market hosts attractions like the electro-mechanical, 40sm big nativity scene, a museum which displays nativity scenes’ works of art coming from all over the world and hundreds of stalls selling unique handcrafted creations and wine and food products. Taste itineraries are organised, you can dance and sing in rhythm with musical events, and you can reach the place back and forth with a free shuttle service, starting from Piazza Castello. Inserted in the “Torino meets France” program, the French Christmas markets have been installed in Piazza Solferino, unmissable for their traditional products and magical atmosphere.

3 – After hanging around the Christmas markets you must pay a visit to one of Torino’s most ancient and traditional bars, called “Caffè al Bicerin”. Founded in 1763, it has been selling Piedmontese drinks and desserts (such as Bicerin) over the years in a cosy, old-fashioned bar in which you can seriously breathe and taste the true essence of Torino in days of yore. (

4- Therefore, you would not want to miss the majestic “piazza Castello Advent Calendar”, realized with Emanuele Luzzati’s sketches, whose boxes are opened each day by the Provincial Command of Torino’s firemen. It will leave you speechless! In the same spot, on the 14th, on the occasion of the 150th civil museums anniversary, 9 woolen, colorful and decorative banners will be hung on the medieval palace façade that looks out onto Via Po.

5 – Last but not least, over the last week end before Christmas, in some churches around the city center, gospel and popular music events will be organized: a very nice schedule that will make you sing, dance and that will warm your hearts.

You can find more information about the events I described in the article here:

Nothing left to say. I gave you the hints, now go and have fun! And if somebody wanted to buy me a little present to thank me for the piece of advice…

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, everyone!


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