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It’s a hot summer day, and you’ve just landed at Băneasa Airport in Bucharest, Romania. You have no idea where to go, how or what to visit in one weekend, with the little money in your wallet. Read on, this article might give you some useful tips.

First of all, don’t hustle to the yellow taxies which are waiting outside the airport, 90% of them are illegal and as a consequence they have staggering prices. Go to the information office inside the airport and ask about the buses which go to the city centre or to the main railway station (131, 330, 335, 783). Before stepping on the bus, check for the ticket office which you will find in the bus stop – one ticket costs only 1,3 lei, that is approximately 30 eurocents.

Finding a cheap place to stay in Bucharest will probably turn out to be not that easy, because the youth hostel system is still underdeveloped. Nonetheless, if you don’t have friends who offer you a sleep over, the best way to do it is by surfing the net: hostels such as Miorița or Kiwi are situated right in the city centre and offer student prices (20-25 euros night/person).


You won’t regret the visit to the capital, especially when you will find out why the House of the Parliament is the world largest building, after the Penthagon from Washington D.C. If you have a student card, the guided tour of this enormous palace built upon the request of the ex-dictator is for free. In a 50-minute tour you will get to see only 10% of the building, while the splendor of the rooms and the stories about the construction of this architectural giant will leave you speechless. You can end your tourist visit with a tour of the historical centre of Bucharest – unfortunately still in the process of renovation – and with a visit at the Museum of the Romanian Village (Muzeul Satului). Nothing like closed spaces or boring museums! Especially on a sunny day, this park is the ideal opportunity for a relaxing stroll in the nature and for some amazing photos.


When night falls, it’s time for you to get to know better not only places, but also people! The first step is to go in one of the central bars and just ask for one of the free B24 or ȘapteSeri guide. This way you will find out what’s happening in that moment in the Bucharest clubs, where can you listen to your favorite music and how much this fun actually costs. Students prefer the bars which are hidden in the historical centre – we’re talking here about the places where young people used to secretly meet, back when punk haircuts and piercings were still unthinkable. Here you can party and have fun all night long without emptying your pockets: the entrance costs about 1 euro (girls get to enter for free every night except for Friday and Saturday night), while for a beer or a cocktail you would have to pay between 1.5 and 3 euros.

Of course, Romania has a lot of things to offer to its tourists, beside its capital. The castles and the cities from Transylvania must be on your list if you want to have some clue about the incredible touristic potential of this country. However, in order to do this you should plan at least a 1-week trip – check out for tips and suggestions on our blog.

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