Travel into the Alps; General background information about the Valle d’Aosta, pt. 2

As we already said in the previous Lexio article, the Valle d’Aosta is in the North-West of Italy with an average altitude of 2.000 meters and 1% of the country’s area.

But why do I write about this small and meaningless region? Apart from being my home, I would say that it has been really important in the past due to its pass which allows people to get to Switzerland and France within few hours (by feet).

The Roman colonization, which has left the main monuments on this territory, has been long and bloody. In fact, the populations who lived in the Valley were basically some Celts, pushed to the mountains by the Roman invasion. The war for the conquest of this strategic knot lasted years, between guerrilla warfare and attacks on Roman caravans; until Julius Cesar defeated them one and for all: the result was around 30.000 dead and the rest of the prisoners were sold as slaves in the South of Europe.

A tough solution, which allowed the Romans to expand across North, taking also advantage from the construction of the Roman Road of the Gallia, from the coronation of Augustus, to become a legendary empire.

But, nothing is forever, and at the capitulation of the Roman Empire, the Francs and Germanic populations invaded those mountains, this phenomenon lasted through centuries.
The invasions of the past are the gold of today for this valley: the constant alternation of populations, of languages left a lot of sign into the landscapes and in the culture. The attractions that this place offers go from Roman and medieval ruins (even in places you won’t believe), castles, uncontaminated and even virgin landscapes; and of course the Alpinism which finds its cradle here, and from here gets to every other place in the world.

All of that, without taking into account the food and the events. In the Valle d’Aosta you can find magical sites and also attractions for young people who are looking for a hit of adrenaline, as Via Ferrata, climbing , or simply a little bit of rafting…

If you want to kill two birds (or more) with one stone (of course not literally), during a holiday, try to have a trip on this side of the Alps: it is never too late to fall in love.

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