Travel tips: Four Brazilian Beaches to Enjoy your Vacation

If you want to plan your next vacation ahead and are trying to escape from the cold winter in your country, a Brazilian beach is a good option to relax and have a change from that unappealing skyscraper view.

Brazil’s coast side offers a great variety of beautiful and exotic destinations. In this post you can find some information about four of the beaches in the Northeast of Brazil, where you can enjoy your free time:

Morro de São Paulo (Bahia)

Morro de São Paulo is an island formed by five beaches with crystal clear and warm water and surrounded by a nice fauna. People there live on the hills, so you can have a great view of the beach while you enjoy your stay in some of the island’s hotels.
Don’t leave without taking a look at this: From June to October the Humpback whales migrate to the coast’s islands. During this period, you will be able to book a whale watching trip.

Porto de Galinhas (Pernambuco)

Porto de Galinhas is located in Ipojuca, Pernambuco. The place is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, and overwhelms anyone with its natural pools and the amount of attractions that you can find, like diving, surfing, buggy rides, kite surfing, hiking or the occasional raves and concerts.
You can also enjoy the world’s favorite hobby: Just lying in a hammock. 🙂

For the nature bound: Be sure to see the Parque Manguezal. It’s almost 60km of extensive vegetation where you can take an ecological ride and discover the richness of the mangrove ecosystem.

Praia da Pipa (Rio Grande do Norte)

Located 85km from Natal, The Pipa Beach has the best night life in the State and it is famous among surfers and tourists around the globe. From the great number of hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars to buggy rides around the dunes, kite surfing and the view of Pipa’s cliffs – In Pipa, there is no off season.

A must see in the area is the Ecologic Sanctuary of Pipa. The trails are good, signalized and it is easy to find your way and see some dolphins in the Baia dos Golfinhos or maybe go until Madeira Beach and watch the birth of the sea turtles (Jan-Jun).

Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco)

One can’t talk about Brazil’s beaches without mentioning Fernando de Noronha archipelago. There are 21 Islands, of which only the biggest one – Fernando de Noronha – is inhabited by humans. To preserve its fragile ecosystem, only a limited number of people are allowed to stay on the island. But once you are there, you will get to experience a Brazilian paradise. The clear blue water, which is warm due to the equatorial streams, and its exuberant fauna and flora make the island one of the best diving points in the world. You can find over 200 species of fish, dolphins, sea turtles and sharks among other sea animals.

It is hard to make special recommendations for this beach since… well, everything, from the natural pools and corals to the reddish sand in Lion’s beach is to be admired. If you have the time, try to take the whole island in.


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